Nec 3520aw Help!

Alright, I got a NEC 3520AW burner about a month ago. Lastest firmware [3.05] I’ve been burning fine, then recently it started screwing up all the burns and I have about 50 coasters after many attempts at burning with different configurations. Someone told me it was bad media, so I purchased Maxell DVD-R, same thing and two extra coasters. Here’s my Nero InfoTool file if anyone wants to know the spec’s. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, In My Computer for the burner it just states CD Drive

Maybe this post can help you too.

Yea, I already read through that previously. And all everyone tells me is to get new media [which I did] I got a spool of Maxell DVD-R and the same thing happened. I’m starting to think no one here actually knows anything and that they all rely on the same idea, crappy media. [btw, this is my second thread concerning this problem, which no one seems to care about or no one knows anything about]

Have you tried using better media?

just kidding. Im sorry, I dont know much at all but setting up my NEC to UDMA 2 and my HD to UDMA 5 helped me a lot. Have you tried that?

I have the same problem as you mate. the only media it will burn on mine is ritek g03 or g05, any other brand and it will thinking it my burn thats faulty.

you buy them online or a store near you?

got mine from computer fair