NEC 3520AW DVD burner reporting disc full

Hi guys. I’m a newbie and piggy-backing off this thread since someone live is already on here. I have a NRC 3520AW DVD burner. I have updated the firmware to 3.o7. Nero Infotools reads that i have a blank DVD-R there but my burner says its full. ALso on Infotools, there is a check next to DVD-R (i read Andrew’s post). It burns CDs fine and it reads Cds and dvds fine as well. Can you help?

Opps…I meant to say NEC 3520 AW
the mediums i have are the Memorex DVD-R and Sony DVD- R

Please don’t hijack other threads. Apart from being considered rude, it make it very difficult to reply to more than one question.

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Memorex and Sony both aren’t nice media.
Get some Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden :slight_smile:

My apologies. I thought since we both had NEC burners and were experiencing similar problems, whoever could help could address both problems. The newbie was not meaning to be rude.

As far as the medium is concerned, i looked on the website that somebody posted somewhere here and it had Sony as a good brand. I figured the Memorex was cheap, but i didn’t expect a brand new spindle of 50 DVDs to be bad. SO do i take the loss there or is there still something i can check concerning the actual burner? I would hate to go buy anotehr spindle of another brand and still have to go buy an actual burnere. This one isn’t een a year old and i have not burned many dvds or cds on it.