NEC 3520AW cannot read disc from home DVD recoder?




I have a drives of NEC 3520AW one is link to each other primary then secondary.

Today i was tring to make a copy of my home recorded DVD tv programs which i used Philip (cannot remember model number) homeDVD recorder.

For some strange reason, my primary NEC cannot recognize the DVD+RW, it shows up a Blank Disc. Then I stuck it into my seconday NEC drive it can read it with no problem, but cannot copy the file in which give out reading errors.

The firmware for both NEC 3520AW are 3.04 from rpc1 with rip-lock removed.

My queries are how do i supose to copy the DVD contents from on DVD to another, also is there something wrong with my Primary NEC drive which couldnt read the DVD+RW? An i using the right rpc1 firmware for them or shouls i upgrade them to the latest 3.07 version.

btw the riginal firmware was 1.04 when shipped to me

thx in advance


Most likely your +RW were recorded in the DVD+VR format.
You need to install DVD+VR drivers to be able to access the media/content using your burner.


do you know where i can find the DVD+VR drivers for NEC3520AW?


PowerDVD can do it.
Also neoDVD7.
Also PowerProducer.

Latest Nero 7 should do it too.

Was the disc finalized/fixated?


the DVD+RW is not finalized i think, i dont think it needs to be finalized to be able to read is it? I am not sure, but i know for the +,-R you have to finalized to read them


Finalize it - then try again.