NEC 3520AW Buffer Problem


I’ve been burning DVD’s with Nero using vob files, and I keep having a problem where roughly about every 50 seconds during a burn the recorder buffer drops to anywhere between 3-26%, is it normal for this to happen when burning large files like vob files ??? Also when this happens my burner sounds as if it is slowing down due to the buffer going so low.

I’ve done quality tests with Nero cd/dvd speed and noticed that I keep getting some high PIF spikes and sometimes solid blocks of PIFs which start at around 2.5gb into the DVD and runs to about 3.5gb. This is definately not a media problem as I’ve tried loads of different brands/dyes, but currently I’m using Taio Yuden TYG02 which seem to be the best so far. This must be hardware related but I’m just at a loss to be able to solve the problem.

The burner I’m using is a NEC-3520AW with Liggy & Dee’s 2.U5 firmware.

Anybody any ideas ???

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