NEC 3520AW Advise Needed



I got some TYG02 OEM Inkjet Printable 8x. When burning with the latest 2 firmwares, here’s the result. I’ve tried burning at 8x & 12x and the results are very similar. Burning using Nero & DVDDecrypter. Please advise on how to get the PIEs down. even though the quality score is 95, with that many PIEs is it still considered a good burn? Thanks

PI Errors
average 113.54
maximum 836
total 1726587

pi failures
average 0.64
maximum 9
total 5139
4281 mb


Just try better media.


i thought Taiyo Yuden is near the top if not top of the line when it comes to media. what i meant by OEM is that it is unbranded (not Sony/Fujifilm branded) TYG02 I got from mediasuperstore.


So it is just unbranded but real TY?!