Nec 3520a



I wasn’t sure on where to post this question; whether to put it in the Newbie section (since im new to this forum) or in the NEC section (since its a NEC question) so i went with Newbie.
So i just purchased the NEC3520A burner, upgraded firmware to 1.25. When i burn ISO’s (like 3.5 gig) to DVD-R (Verbatim 8x) i set it to burn at 4x but Alcohol (1.9.2 1705) burns it at like 1.5x and it takes like 40 min. . This goes for my game and movie backups. But when I do a direct copy of disc of like 4 gig and set Alcohol at 4x it burns in like 10 min. . I know im missing something when i go to burn these ISO’s just don’t know where. Need some help with this. Thanks!

Using Verbatim 8x DDV-R
Alcohol 1.9.2 1705


I don’t have a NEC drive, but if your burning a disk faster directly than from your hard drive then it is probably a sytem problem instead of a problem with your drive.

But here is what I would look for (in no particular order):

  1. Is the ISO your using an MDS File? Non-native images may have a chance of causing problems.

  2. Ask the drive manufactuer if they are aware of this issue.

  3. Go to and ask the developers if they are aware of the issue.

  4. Check for spyware using adaware or spybot.

  5. Check and see if your hard drive is fragmented. Then defrag it if necessary.

  6. Free up some resources. Shutdown programs that are running in the background and taking up memory.

I hope this helps.


well i think it may have something to do with the firmware … but im not sure. and it is an ISO, not MDS. i will check the background processes. can i post this question in the NEC section?