NEC-3520a won't burn faster than 4x (dvd) and 24x (cd)!



Hello all, this is my first post on this forum and it’s only because I have no idea how to solve this problem myself. I’ve been to this forum before, and I thought if anyone can help me it would be here.
Anyways, I’ve read similar past-posts asking almost the identical question, but none of the comments or suggestions helped resolve my problem.
The problem:
My 3520a won’t burn dvd-r/+r at more than 4x and won’t burn cd-r or any kind of r above 24x. Yes, i have tried different dvds (rated for higher than 4x of course), i’ve updated nero to the newest vers. ( and the same goes with the cds. Right now I’m using ridata 16x dvd+r, and no name 48x cd-r. For the cd-r, I know for a fact that they can burn at 48x b/c my rooomate used them on his cd burner and burned fine at 48x.
I’m running, an amd xp 3200+, abit an7, 512mb of ram, and xp pro sp2 with all the newest updates.
Hope that’s all the info you guys need.
If there has been other posts with the answer to my question, I apologize for the repost, but I just haven’t been able to find it.
Thanks a lot!



welcome noob. most likely dma read the posts and use search
might even want to read that whole thread.


Well, I updated my firmware with Liggy and Dee’s 1.uc and all is well now! I’m guessing the discs that i used before were just incompatible with the oem firmware, the Ridata ones I think are relatively new.
Anyways, in Nero i can burn at the full speed of 16x and cd-r at 48x. This drive is awesome.
Thank you Liggy and Dee for your wonderful work on these firmwares!
And thanks cnlson for the links, they were very helpful too.