NEC 3520A with Ritek G05 8x

I was just wondering if this was a good speed for 8x burns using the NEC 3520A drive. I burned 4.3gb of data (dvd-video) in 9 mins and 45 seconds. Is this a good time? My pionner 107D at work burns the same 8x media in almost 8mins and 30 secs.

I also have this werid buffer drop maybe 5 times during the whole burn where it would drop from 97% to 7% and then jump back up, and then the drives gets louder or at least louder then before the buffer drop. I was wondering if this is a problem, it does it in my home and in my work pc where the pioneer 107D is located.


thats normal, nec 8X burn starts at 4X > 6X > 8X
pionner 8X burn starts at 6X > 8X

also normal,thats the AOPC kicking in and although necs and pionners are simular burners the pionner doesn`t use AOPC.

So this looks normal?

See attachment…

yep, perfectly normal

Awesome, I thought I made a bad purchase…

Thanks for the help!!!

tis no problem :bigsmile:

i also wounderd WTF was happening to my buffer when i first say it :iagree: