NEC 3520a with AnyDVD dependency?

I have an NEC 3520a flashed with the 2.U5 firmware (i had the 2.U4 firmware earlier with the same problem) and it seams that my drive cannot read anything but region 2 DVDs anymore. Not Media Player Classic, not DVD Shrink, or any other DVD playing/whatnot programs.

Even though it was originally a region 1 drive, the problem is, is that I can’t seam to change the region at all, and the Nero InfoTool reports that my region code is “all” with “N/A” in both changes left fields. The only DVDs that I can run without AnyDVD are ones that are region 2 or have been burned region free. This dependency was only created after I switched between playing some Japanese and American DVDs.

Is there any way this dependency can be cured? Or will I have to keep AnyDVD installed on my computer if I ever want to have a drive with normal functionality? Any and all help would be appreciated.

Edit: Also. After i’ve been opening and closing AnyDVD a bit the disk will run without AnyDVD running, but the video and sound will mess up as if some sort of copy protection has kicked in… bleh

Do you know how RPC-1 works?

hmm… after reading up on it a bit, I think I understand, that my drive has been patched to be RPC-1, and it’s merely the software that is preventing me from watching dvds, thus the need for a program like AnyDVD. Though it is still kinda lame that I now always need to run AnyDVD to watch US region 1 DVDs when previosly I did’nt have to.

If i’m not understanding ths right, please let me know.

The drive has a regionlock > defeat it using RPC-1 firmware.
The software has a regionlock > defeat it using a software like Regionkiller, DVDGenie, DVD region+CSS free, DVD43, AnyDVD…