NEC 3520A - which media?



hi everyone - i’ve been reading through this forum and noticing most posts seem to center around firmware - today i got the 3520A drive with 1.04 firmware and it seems to be working just fine - i’m not sure if i need to upgrade or not - compatability is my main issue, i’m just not sure if i’m missing out on anything with this firmware.

i got 6 different dvd-r discs to try it out with:

taiya yuden 8x (full face printable) - burns at 12x
anv-ritek 8x
bulkpaq prodisc 8x
bulkpaq printable 8x - burns at 12x
ridisc 8x - burns at 12x
datawrite grey 8x

the discs that burned at 12x seem to come out fine though i did notice slight fluctuations in the USED READ BUFFER in nero (never reached zero but did go down a bit at times - is this important?)

when playing back, all the discs seem to work great on all five of my standalones (sony/ronin/toshiba/panasonic/phillips) and on both of my dvd-rom drives in my pc.

great news really but i’m curious which you guys think would be the best disc to buy in bulk? i tend to use dvd-r as opposed to dvd+r - is that wise? i’ve read there’s things you can do to the drive to make the dvds it burns more compatible (firmware updates i imagine) - is this true?

obviously i’d like my dvds to work on as many dvd players as possible, i think by buying this recorder i have made a wise purchase as my sony dvd-writer gave shockingly poor results compared to this already.

thanks for reading - i eagerly await any responces!
mik x


no one has any advice for me then?

anyone know where i should go to ask for advice on this drive?

mik x


the fluctuation in your buffer is normal.Just make sure you don’t have a lot of apps running in the background(anti virus etc…)

Good - r media is maxellRG02,RITEK05 and verbatim.


OK, this is what I’ve used so far with my 3520 using 1.05 bios and nero 6606

MXL RGO3 burns @ 16x in 5:27m
Ritek G04 burns @ 12x in 6:46m
Sony 08D1 burns @ 16x in 5:32m

I have not burned one bad disk with all the above , hope this helps


Wish I could find this stuff over here.


@ Nosmartz
This might help


Which ones are scratch resistant? I am going to transfer my videos from my camcorder to dvd.




I can choose between these +R 8x discs, cakebox 25 pcs :

Verbatim (16€), Platinum (12€) and Mitsui (Taiyo code) (13€)

what would you choose ?



Taiyo Yuden - IF they aren’t fakes (be careful)



I’ve bought Verbatim

I’m curious about the result



The Verbatims are very good - get some kicka$$ burns with the 8x -R’s-