NEC 3520A v LG 4163B - need help choosing



As the title says, I want to buy a DVD burner.

Just need help choosing between the two drives. I’ve read the reviews from both drives (albeit completely baffled by them).

I’m not really bothered to wait for the 3540, as it seems to have 8x DVD+R9 capability (as opposed to 4x for the above two drives), unless there’s something I missed out.

Will mainly use the burner for backing up files, storing music files and making back-ups of DVDs (Nearly every DVD I have has scratches on it. Not good!).

Any help is greatly appreciated.



have read good things about both burners.
have the nec3520 for a few weeks now and am very happy with it.

the nec burns everything on various media and is quiet too.


nec 3520a :bow:
nothing more to say :wink:


I have both NEC and LG. I find the NEC is better on all media (barely) except my Verbatim MCC. If I had to stick with just one, I would give up the LG. My gut just tells me the NEC is a better drive. If you wait a few months for the NEC 4550A you can get RAM at 16X. At that point the LG becomes redundant. I know I will get one as soon as they are available.


Any more comments comparing these two drives ?


I love my NEC3520, every burn is pretty top-notch, doesn’t matter on what media, even if it’s Plasmon (Music CD @ 32X was flawless!). And, above all, it’s damn quiet.


I Have the Nec 3520 after having 2 other dvd writers (Samsung and Oprite) The Nec has burnt every thing i have put at it, from the cheap bargin bin disc’s to good brand ones. Now that the new Nec 3540 is out you can get the 3520 cheap. If ya not worried about the higher speed for DL then go for the 3520.


Here’s what other people think.


I’ve had the NEC2510A, BENQ1620, and the LG4163B, for quality burns the LG come’s top, stays to the burn speed of the disc but results are always good.The others will speed up the burn but the quality is not always 100%.


You can get them both for the price of a Plextor 716a. That is what I did. I have the Nec 3520A 1UF as the master and the L.G. 4163B as the slave. Works great, burns all good media at 12x or better without errors. I havent had a coaster yet.