NEC 3520a - sudden problem reading some dvd



Hello folks,
Hope you can help me with my query.
The dvd drive NEC 3520a - working fine for a year. Yesterday, it will not recognise any game disk, neither a game i have already installed nor a new game disk. I’ve tried 5 different game disks and get only ’ no disk inserted’ or ‘please insert disk into drive D’ (the dvd drive) pops-ups.
OS: win 2000 sp3.
The drive still reads and plays burned dvd media and plays dvd film (pre-recorded media) and it still can burn dvd/cd
I’m mystified.
Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.


SP3? Please install SP4.

Uninstall the IDE channels in Devicemanager and restart, maybe that helps.


Thanks for the suggestion ‘Chef’ - I appreciate the help. However, it didn’t help. I uninstalled the IDE channel and rebooted and installed the windows IDE instead of the Nvidia. I also updated the firmware to the latest. Since then I have moved the dvd drive unit to a machine with WinXP SP 2 and it still does the same thing: doesn’t read/find any cd or dvd with game or installation or ‘data’ on it but still reads cd and dvd with video files, dvd movie files, jpgs. I will see if it still burns in a few minutes.
Any further ideas?
Thanks in advance for your time.


That’s weird, maybe it needs to be cleaned?!


Okay, cleaning with a ‘cleaning disk’ as bought from a computer shop?
Sorry to be so dumb, but i don’t know what experts recommend for cleaning.


Would be the easiest way, but not the best.

The best would be by opening up the drive…


Opened up the case but it looks very clean i.e. no fluff.
Placed in another computer running a fresh copy of WinXP, still same issue.
Will try lens cleanber tomorrow.


Hi there,
I used a cleaner disk and , as i said, the inside of the dvd drive unit seems clear. No change in the problem with reading disks.
Final suggestion?
Thanks :confused: