NEC 3520A Spins Fast and Slow whilst burning



I was burning a DVD the other day and whilst it was burning, the dvd was spining fast and then slow, then fast again.

I was using bulkpaq Printable and buring it at 12x.

When the DVD came out, i could see about 4 faint circles in the burned area?

Is this normal?


Speed variations are normal when burning with Z-CLV as the burn is speeded up in stages. strating at 6x then 8x 10x and finally 12x
The faint marks are in my experience is caused by poor quality media.


Whats Z-CLV?



it’s just a writing strategy.



a DVD (as also CD) is written from the inside (smaller diameter) to the outside. so, with larger diameter linear velocity rises as the disk keeps the angular velocity constant. since it burns with Z-CLV it has to reduce the angular velocity in order to keep linear velocity constant. than it goes to the next zone where it burns with higher speed and has to speed up at the beginning of it, and so on


I have some discs with those faint marks and they work perfectly in everything i have tried them in (never had a comeback) but with the bulkpaq discs they are rotten to the core, they cannot be trusted for anything and it should be made illegal for any company to sell them.


Got that right.