NEC 3520A slow rip? Newb in need of help!



I had a Plextor 708A which would get up to 8-9X rip speeds… After upgrading to the NEC 3520A I am getting 4X max rip speeds. I did the 1.U6 firmware update to remove the riplock and still no luck. I am thinking of getting a different drive to rip faster as its take 30+ min to rip a DVD right now. I know the AOpen 1648/AAP is a great drive but finding it hard to locate locally. Was hoping one of the local stores like bestbuy, CC, Comp Usa or someone carries a good DVD drive in black? Thanks for any replies.


yeah the 3520’s ripping is not it’s strong point.Do get a dvd-rom for your rips.My toshiba 1612 does real well at 16x.The aopen is a good choice.I have a 708 also.Rarely used it to rip but it got as high as 10x once.Don’t think those stores will carry it.You might have to go online to newegg or somewhere comperable(


The Toshiba DVD drives are just as expensive as my DVD burner was. The Aopen seems impossible to get although I found it cheap on newegg in white. Is this the one to get? Ive painted drives before… not afraid to do it again!

What concerns me is the part # doesnt match up with some of the other Aopen drives I was looking at. They do have the refurbished Chamileon version but dont want to chance runnign a referb drive.


the toshiba 1912 is a great drive but I would stick with the aopen,it does a little faster in the dl media read.
The toshiba is less.


Is the Aopen I have listed in the link the correct drive to buy?




Any of the drives on this site anygood for ripping? This place is local for me.


Use CD/DVD speedtest to check your DL rip speed. If you get 4X, then riplock is removed. My NEC 3500 starts at 3.1X with maximum speed around 7.3X. The average rip time for the main movie with English AC 3/6 audio is 11 min. The rip time will go up to about 19 for the whole movie. If you compress the movie while ripping, then the processing time will increase, depending on the level of compression. I expect similar performance with the 3520 drive.

A fast DVD reader can reduce the rip time by another 5 to 8 minutes.


I just placed an order for the AOpen 1648/AAP from newegg… from what ive found this is a difficult drive to get. Found it in white only so I will be using some black texture paint to make it match… used this stuff before and the drive looks like it came that way when im done. Great paint for anyone who wants to attempt it. Is there a certain firmware I should run on this Aopen drive? Model# 91.4ED37.402