NEC 3520A Read Problem



I’ve bought NEC 3520A about a fortnight ago, and recently payed attention to it acting strangely when reading DVD+R.

Used media is Verbatim Pastel DVD+R 4x written on 4x.

The main problem is that this disc read start (I use Total Commander for copy) is ok (6.5x it is), though at the beginning of the second file the speed drops at 1x, then somehow turns up back, and so on, skipping at the beginning of every file, but the “pause” is rather long.
Sometimes it doesn’t come back to normal ever.
But the trick is if you start to copy a single file that was being read at 1x just before, it copies normally from beginning to end.
When I tried to copy files with Bad Copy the whole disc copied about 5 min (so it’s ok with copy speed there), so I got really perplexed about the reasons of such strange behaviour in TC.
One more thing to mention is that when copy window loses the focus, speed goes down either.

PS Being new to DVD burning, is that graph ok?


NEC 3500 series drives are speed demons when it comes to ripping SL - and + media. Your problem is that your disc is having trouble being read at the edge when the speed is approaching maximum. My understanding is that Verbatim Pastels are TY media which is one of the best. It is either one of two things, your disc has errors at the edge and they cannot be read that fast, which is why the drive slows down. This could be confirmed with a disc quality scan on a drive that supports this (NEC does not). If you are able to rip other discs without this problem then the problem is the burn. If other discs have this problem, especially TYs burned on this NEC, then the drive is just too fast. I rarely rip burned discs so I can’t comment in general. I know there is a way to limit the speed of the drive with a trick using that program (CDSpeed), but I don’t remember it specifically. Dig around a bit for this software here and you should find it. The author of CDSpeed posts here on a regular basis.


The problem remains for all DVD’s, either written on this NEC, or on other devices.
Nero tool for speed limiting doesn’t solve the problem (though if I limit speed to 13x the graph becomes smooth at the end).
The fact that bothers me most is that the same problem occurs for all the files on disc. So being at the edge doesn’t matter.
Thanks, I’ll see what’s CDSpeed.


Hi Amtc, I have the same drive as you, and I have the same problem, I have changed my firmware to a modified, but I think Its OK, I have burned some cd, dvd and I had no problems with except one, dvd -r 4x fortis, some problems with reading at full speed,