Nec 3520a problem

Installed my new NEC 3520a . No problems with reading DVD’s.

When I insert a Blank CD no problem either. However when I insert a burnt CD the drive emits an audible grinding noise until it finds the start of the disc which takes around 5 secs. It eventually reads the CD without problems.

Any thoughts ?

Default rotation speed for DVD+R/-R is maximum. When you have data on the disc, the drive will run at max rpm.

Is there a way to slow down the max rpm when reading a CD (not DVD) having data on it since I do not fancy damaging the drive.

You can download AnyDVD from Launch AnyDVD and click the Drive tab. Make sure the NEC drive is checked. Now Enable Speed Control. Select Slow & Quiet for Vide DVD, Audio CD, and Other Disc.

You cannot damage the drive with the default rpm setting.