NEC 3520a possibly faulty?

hi, I have burned various medias with my NEC 3520a(liggy’s firmware) and the quality of the burn was not satisfactory compared to scans i saw browsing the forum…

my nec3520a made loud spinning noise when i started Nero(latest version) and when windows boot up… so i took the dvd drive to the place i bought it and they told those issues were power related and gave me a different burner…

I replaced my old no name 380w PSU with enermax 485w and I still have sound issues and now i also hear some sort of clicking sound time to time when it’s trying to read the disc and the loud sound is still there (burn quality is the same as before)

is there anything i can do to improve the quality? or do i just happen to get two faulty drives…?

PS. my burner is in ultra dma2 mode and i updated drivers etc…


A pioneer DVD-120 rom made the ‘rrrrr’ noise on powerup. It doesn’t hurt anything afaik, a self-check I think.

I got a 3520 now… it doesn’t go ‘rrrr’ but it probably does make a more muted noise, unless it’s the scanner I hear.

Seriously, don’t care if the only time you hear it is on bootup as long as your discs are ok.

The loud spinning noise is because you have a disc in the drive, and it has spun up your drive to maximum speed and thus is loud. I noticed the noise too. All dvd burners are loud at max speed.