NEC 3520a - Official Firmware w/ Bitsetting?



Hey everyone. I just bought a new 3520a burner. I have been reading and reading and am learning a lot from this great site. I have one question that I haven’t been able to find an answer to!

Currently my firmware is 1.04. When I go to NEC’s site, the only firmware I see is 3.04. On this site, I see that 3.04 doesn’t support bitsetting. The ONLY feature I want right now that I don’t have is bitsetting. I would like to set my DVD+Rs to DVD-ROMs. I don’t care for the rip-lock and other things at this time. Since it’s a brand new drive, I am hesitant to use a “hacked” firmware as I don’t want to void my warranty.

Can you tell me if there is any official NEC firmware that will allow me to utilize bitsetting, and if so, where I can find it, without voiding my warranty? Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


Try:This. Liggys 3.04 FW with bitsetting. :slight_smile:


crossg: But this is a “hacked” firmware. =)


Yep your right I missed that part. Sorry about that.:o


No problem at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow quick replies here! I hope someone can answer this question.


There is no official fw right now, just 1.04 and 3.04. You will have to use hacked fw to get bitsetting.


What are 1.24, 1.25, and 1.26 on that above referenced page in the table on the bottom? Those aren’t official? :sad:

What is the “safest” f/w to use for bitsetting? I don’t want to change anything else, as I like it how it’s nice and quiet right now. Is there any I can use that won’t void my warranty?


Like Strachan said, there are no official Nec firmwares supporting bitsetting, so you will void your warranty by using an hacked firmware. Well, i really don’t care about it, when i got my Nec 2500 the first thing i tried was bitsetting hacked firmware :smiley: I always used hacked firmware, right now i have Maddog 2F9 Nec 2510. I think you should try, and you can always go back to official firmware :wink:


@netsfan The link I posted above gives you three different FW options to use (With a Read Me file) and that is as close as you can get to original FW with bitsetting. Yes you take a chance to void your warranty but if you flash it like suggested in the NEC FAQ’s using default MS IDE drivers you shouldn’t have any problems and like FearFactory says you can always flash it back to stock FW if you need warranty services. HTH.:slight_smile:


Thank you for the link. I downloaded it, and I see 3 files, and in the readme I see: “304bt_orig.exe - Firmware including only support for booktype setting” So is this file exactly the same as the original NEC 3.04 firmware, but with bitsetting added? Everything else is the same?

And I can always go back to the original 1.04? I never knew that! Sweet! :bigsmile:

You know, while I’m here, I may as well ask - Is there a firmware that is the same as the stock 1.04, with only bitsetting added? Would there be an advantage of using that versus the one you linked above? (Quality tested, etc.?)


I would say there is a 1.04 bitsetting only version as well. Maybe look in the Nec Firmware FAQ’s or L&D 3520A Modified firmware. You are welcome, but Liggy is the one to thank.:wink:


is it worth while gettin a new firmware from lee and diggy’s as posted on one of the other posts?? Was thinkin of upgrading to a 3540 instead…
any suggestions


I’m using Liggys firmware for my NEC3520 and would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone. It’s sooo much better than the bog standard f/w IMO :slight_smile:

As far as invalidating the warranty goes, you’ll likely find the the majority of retailers, they will not even bother to check your firmware version whilst checking a drive for faults… so I wouldn’t worry about that quite so much


Forgot to answer the other part of your question. The 3.04 firmware probably has newer write strategies and newer Media on the Firmware list so I very much doubt that there would be any adantage of using old 1.04 FW vs newer 3.04 FW. I am by no means a FW expert and someone please correct me if I am wrong.:slight_smile:


If I am only able to choose one of the 3, I say the better choice would be 304bt_fast.exe. Is this a good choice? Is there a firmware u guys suggest that combines all three? thanks.


If I am only able to choose one of the 3, I say the better choice would be 304bt_fast.exe. Is this a good choice? Is there a firmware u guys suggest that combines all three? thanks

From the readme

Included files:
readme.txt - This file
304bt_orig.exe - Firmware including only support for booktype setting
304bt_fast.exe - Same like orig but including riplock patch
304bt_rpc1.exe - Same like fast but including RPC1 patch

I believe that 304bt_rpc1.exe is acombo of all three.


I rare cases, I have found some older firmwares that worked better on some discs. L&D’s for example, is not as good as stock for TYG01 on the 3500. I also found 2.19 is not as good as 2.18 for Ritek R03. I have also found LG 4163 A103 is better for TYG02 than A104. BenQ B7V9, however, is an improvement over the older. It really depends on the media. They should all get better over time but it seem to be who defines “better”.


My Bad . Thanks big dog (RickyV)


Why isn’t this firmware posted on their website ??? Also, this is an exe. I thought all L&D firmware was .bin ???



It was announced here and here. I think this is sufficient.

The exe contains a flasher with the firmware. But you can also use any commandline version of Binflash to flash this firmware.