Nec 3520a led

just a quick question for anyone out there who has an nec 3520a, i’ve had mine for about 24 hours now and everything is great but i notice that when i burn anything/read anything etc that the led does nothing except stays green. Is it supposed to be like that or should it change to red or flash etc when the drive is active?. I’d appreciate anything that anyone could tell me about this-thanks.

I’m a medical doctor and that is a symptom of a dreaded medical condition called “stayuptis toolongus” and you should seek medical attention right away. If you catch it early, you will have time to say good bye to family and friends properly and settle your affairs (especially the one with that cute brunette). :slight_smile:
(Mine stays on steadily and greenily all the time as well, it is expected).

thanks very much for the info-i would have to agree with your prognosis