NEC 3520a issue

my NEC 3520a still won’t use these disks.
most are “must001” but i haven’t checked these.

“this disk is not writeable” and spits it out.
the disk info windows says 0 mb available on disk.

flashed it with:
NEC 3520A Liggy & Dee Modified Firmware Version 1.U9
LD 3520 1.U9 Quiet Firmware Package.exe

is there another hardware model number i can flash with? like 3500 ?

i also tried the 1.25 Iodata firm.

its something about this media. i burned a Teon with no troubles. they work ok in my Toshiba 5112.

does the firmware need to be upgraded to handle this media? although I’ve been told by another guy that his drive uses those media with no issues.

i read someone had an issue with the drive recognizing everything as rom rather than writeable media…could this be my issue also?

also why the heck is this drive listed in my device manager?
i have no drive by this name:

seems like crap media to me check out these posts on sonic media

thats a virtual drive installed by some software you have installed

well i’ve bured half a stack already with my
Toshiba 5112. yeah they’re cheap media with bad spots.
but why should the NEC just spit them out ?

does the mfg code need to be added to the firmware for the drive to proerly recognize it?

I stuck one in , already burnt with my toshiba…it sees the files and I ran a PAR test on the files all good. so the drive can read the media, just objects to burning on it.
claims the media is not writeable.

axv isn’t that an alcohol virtual drive?
sheeit media… is it ever worth burning?

axv is alcohol virtual drive, uninstall alcohol and it will be gone

how can anything that wasnt sold or advertised as such be a fake?

all i wanted was a cheep media and its what i got. but it is usable
the media works fine in a cheaper drive,

all i wanted to know is the REASON the burner rejects it .
the NEC isnt worth all that if i can’t count on it to use economically priced media.

it would seem to me that the drive should be able to write on any writeable
media that it can read.the drive reads these fine but considers them
“unwriteable” mistakenly so.

because it knows better than to waste its time burning a crap disc that in a few months time will be tossed in the bin.

so machinery does indeed have a conscience? couid it be that AI has finally achieved
the ability to foresee future events and attempt to affect an outcome that is
desireable rather than nonproductive or wasteful. this is truly a breakthru in
this technology. Surely it must have earth shaking potential to impct every area of technology. NASA and / or the military must be in on it? it k-n-o-w-s b-e-t-t-e-r.
man where have I been?

My 3520 makes me coffee evey day :iagree:

Seriously though, some media are not at all compatable with certain burners and won’t even spin up or recognize the disc.I have no idea why but I’ve learnd my lesson about cheap media long ago and will not forget it.
I usually go with genuine Maxell,Prodisc,Optodisc and TaiyoUden when ever I can find them.

well i solved the problem…it was the power supply,
never had any other issues with that PS though ,
worked well for 2 years…the NEC apparently uses more juice.

thing is tho, it burns BETTER than my Toshiba 5112 now.
theres a defect on these cheep media i can see as a ring.
every data disk had one bad file on it .

but now the NEC is buring them with no errorss
i’m just wondering if i should test the Toshiba again on this PS
to see if it resolves those errors.