NEC 3520a is Not Recognized By Nero 5.5



I cannot get Nero to recognize my recently purchased NEC 30520a.

Do I need to purchase a newer version of Nero? If so which version fully supports the NEC 3520a?

Thank you very much in adance for any assistance.


I think so. 5.5 is a bit old.


you could try updating to, it works fine with my 3500.


6608 will do fine, its the latest I use with my 3520 and support also Double Layer.

For the cheapest, you can upgrade online!



Try n if it Works STAY with it…All other Updates are UTTER RUBBISH…


Dear MrScary, do you have any reasons to say so - or you are just troll? :slight_smile:


you lucky sod if such a new burner works with latest version of 5.5 :bow:

when i bought one of my last burners it wasn’t supported so i went

HOWEVER unlike sooo many posts i read about later versions/swathe of updates, and pausing for breath as i can’t believe there’s even a now…,my dloaded off the web way back it came out (too early as far as i can gather, believe it was leaked from a magazine or off a magazine cd). Anyway…it’s been rock solid stable for me, for many many 100s of DVDs and CDs…

The only reason i would go above personally is if i have to buy a new burner and its unsupported.

Rich :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


I e-mailed Nero Tech Support, for NEC 3520A, at least version 6.3 is required…


i had to admit defeat and go as i went to XP and for some reason iyt refused to let me reinstall So now i’m installing the updates as they are released now (ie now and no problems luckily) :rolleyes:


Hello all
It is possible to add different devices recognised by Nero 5.5
Simply open the file CDROM.CFG in the main Nero directory, edit it in your favourite text editor and enter a new device.
My 3540a works very happily with the following entry:

[_NEC DVD_RW ND-3540A]

I should say that you might end up doing damage to your drive or disks by entering a new device in such a crazy way, but it works :slight_smile:
To get the device name simply use Device Manager.

Happy burning on some good old software!