NEC 3520a & IBook

I just hooked my NEC 3520a 16X DVD Burner in an external enclosure (Plumax) and hooked it up top my Ibook G4 1.2 Ghz. I have hooked it up both by firewire and USB2 and the drive and enclosure are both recognized by the mac. It lets me read DVDs, and CDs from this drive. The PROBLEM is that it says that burning is not supported. This happens in both Firewire and USB2. It says this in system profiler and when I use the disc utility it does not even give me the option of choosing this drive as a burner. I am a Mac Newbie, so I am really lost !!. This drive does work as a burner when hooked up to my XP laptop. Any Help would be great…

I don’t know much about Macs, but maybe you should try using the Toast burning app?

If you want to use Apple’s burning software (I think it’s iDVD), you need to patch some files. I guess [cdfsearch=patchburn]patchburn[/cdfsearch] was the keyword to search for.

Toast and other burning apps should recognize the burner without any patches, but when I visited a friend recently, some things don’t seem to be very mature. We often had to turn his enclosure off and back on and his DVD player didn’t want to play several DVDs that didn’t cause any problems on my PC and standalone player.

patchburn makes it recognise it but on mine it still wont burn dvds only cds
and if you have fixed it what did you do