NEC 3520A I/O Device error with DVD9



I’m currently using the 3.F3 firmware. Everything BUT DVD9 works great. Everytime I try to burn a DVD+R DL, an I/O Device Error pops up. Sometimes, most of the times if I click cancel instead of retry, the burn continues and still work. However, disk is not readable using the burner, but works in other dvdroms/burners.

Anybody knows whether or not this is a hardware related problem? Or can I fix it? THanks.


If that DL media is not Verbatim - you have your answer.
Use better media. If not, use an suitable software.


I’m using Verbatim. I tried CloneCD, it started to burn image file then freezes.


And what is the EXACT error. When does it stop? …


Nevermind, I think I fixed it (for good I hope). I was running the burner on slave mode, switched it back to master and now CloneCD works fine.