NEC 3520a help!



I have a nec 3520a i flashed my drive to the 3.04 version from the nec official site because i was getting slow burning speeds…dvd would take 26 mins when it was taking 18 when i first bought it. after flashing to 3.04 it takes like 30-37 mins omg. what version of firmware should i get from here that will remove the riplock and region code from my drive. (note: after flashing it now says nec 3520AW)
Thanks in advance.


check that your drive is working in DMA mode…


please list your pc specs, burning software, media and sequence of events regarding problem.


p4 2.6
120 gig hd
40gig hd
512 ddr
using anydvd, clonedvd2 current versions
after updating from 1.04 to 3.04 time to burn went from 18 to 30-37 mins
copying directly from my hard drive and not a dvd
DMA mode is enabled.
media is sonic 8x dvd-r and matrix 8x dvd-r
ive used this media forever and never had this problem until after updating.
i see many firmware patches but not sure which one to use to make my drive region free and to remove riplock.
sorry if this is not adequate as im still a bit new to this scene.


Are you experiencing slow burning speeds? Buffer underruns? Or other problems?

What could you see during the burning process?


i think the problem is due to riplock being enabled. the burn takes around 7-10 minutes.
the actual processing time to create the files etc is what take so long…avg between 20-30

should i just use a firmware patch and will it remove the riplock and make the drive region free?


I don’t think the problem is dued to riplock feature… but
if you want you can try the Liggy & Dee ND-3520 Modified Firmware at which optimizes and (in several cases) increases burn speeds…

If you don’t like its performances (or for warranty reasons) you can always go back to 3.04


and this is compatible with the nec 3520a? even though its now showing as 3520aw? does it make the drive region free?


yes, for all the questions…
…read the full description and the faqs at the first post of that topic…


Also check in your systems BIOS that DMA is enabled on both IDE channels. You may also like to try a 80 conductor IDE cable on your optical drives.

Removing RIPLOCK won’t speed up your burns, RIPLOCK is only used for a pressed DVD-VIDEO with a VIDEO_TS folder.