Nec 3520a firmware



Hi I just bought my nec 3520a and I wanted to upgrade the firmware to a hacked firmware. I heard that hacked firmware is better than original firmware because hacked firmware supports more stuff and lets you burn faster. I want to know which hacked firmware should I pick? Can someone give me some advices, thankz


I’d recommend, the latest Dee beta firmware. You can choose between the faster rip version or the slower rip/quieter version. Though I find the faster rip version still runs the drive fairly quiet.


Before using a hacked firmware, burn some test disk to be sure the drive is working proberly.

Using a hacked firmware voids your warranty.


I’m bought an oem from newegg so there isn’t no warranty. So the latest Dee beta firmware is good right and doesn’t damage your drive? Should I wait for a non beta firmware sinces beta still have bugs in them… So which firmware should be best for newbs like me?So should i get 3520_3.22_RPC+RL.rar since its the latest one? Does it have removed video/region riplock and bitset dvd+r, +rw and dual layer bitset to -rom? So using the hacked firmware is better in quality if use on good brand like taiyo yuden? How do I save the original firmware that it came with it so I can flash it back if anyting goes wrong? Whats the difference of video riplock and region riplock?


Use Binflash to save your original firmware.

Try latest Dee firmware.


So I could just download the firmware dump my original firmware and install the new one right? Does the firmware burns the dvd has better quality than the stock firmware does?


It depend :)But sometimes allow u to burn good media faster


I suggest you read about the firmware.


alright. i know this is like the oldest thread on earth lol but i got some problems too. i got the nec 3520a from newegg OEM. but…i duno much about computer hardware like im a newb at this stuff. but i was like oh i should upgrade firmware to get latest stuff. i goto the NEC website and dl the firmware and install it like it says to… then my drive didnt work properly…i was like wuts going on…o noticed that at the bottom of the website where i dl’d the Fw says…this doesnt support OEM drives or stuff like that…so does this mean my drive is screwed to hell… and i cant use it ne more? or is there a way i can fix this. any and all help is appreciated thanks a lot guys!


Wait a minute. The official NEC firmware that is supposed to support DVD-R DL on the 3520 doesnt even work on the drive available at newegg? What the frick is that? I just oredered that drive yesterday. :a


The only OEM drives the official NEC firmware won’t work on are drives that are rebagded, like Mad Dog. I bought my 3520a from newegg back in February and flashed the firmware to 3.04 with no problems. As to the drive not working after flashing the firmware, did you follow the instructions on NEC’s site?


Whew. Thank goodness. That scared the crap out of me. I had been trying to make myself wait for the 3540, but decided to go ahead with the 3520 since they offered a firmware upgrade to support DVD-R DL.


yeah i followed eevery word for word directions…wut happens is like when u goto “my computer” it says cd-rom drive…so i duno wuts going on