NEC 3520A, Explorer can't open or cant burn

ok Having same problem as many of you. DVD burner NEC 3520A fails to have explorer read it’s contents even though it can be viewed throug other programs: i.e: if I insert any games, I can play them without fail. I can burn dvds too. Not to mention play any DVD movie or all of the movies. So here is what happened:
I had Original packaged firmware version 1.04 from NEC and it worked immaculately till Memorex decided to change their DVD-r Burning media standards. Now before you flame me for using memorex. understand that it is cheap and it works perfectly fine (up till now). SO, I used verbitam… and got a similar issue. I made nothing but coasters.
In a desperate attempt to get it to work again. I Upgraded firmware to 3.07 And it could burn again, thank god. Yet to my continuing loss of sanity, explorer could not open the content of the dvds I burnt even though I could read the data in it (as explained above) if it was a DVD movie, game or any other data. Thus I tried 5 other firmwares including the ones on TDB and other third party ones. yet received the same error. I tried accessing the drive manually through several other methods not using explorer, yet no luck. Even through DOS.

YET behold. I changed the firmware back to 1.04 and explorer can read the media and open the contents manually once again. But as expected, I reach the point where I cannot burn DVDs Anymore not even with verbitam DVDs nor memorex nor anything. This could only mean one thing:
Firmware versions above 1.04 that allow me to burn DVDs work perfectly fine, yet something within windows is not allowing me to access the drive directly. Not even through other programs can I access the drive. I know the DVD is accessing the info and processing it through since I can play the media on it, yet still cant access the files.
Please help me.

I think your OS installation is bugg0red.

I would install it new from scratch.