NEC 3520A - DVD+-R media labeled 8x, burnt at 16x



Has anyone successfully burnt media labeled as 8x at 16x speed?

In that case, which brands have you used?


To be more precise, I’m wondering if the Ritek Go5 8x can be burnt at 16x


Don’t count on it.
Using modd’d fw, you may get 12x… luck of the draw.


Only very high quality 8x media is recommended to burn at higher speeds like TY DVD+R from FujiFilm. But I prefer the higher quality at 12x or 8x speeds, saving a minute vs lower quality.


For your convenience… Although it’s not Ritek… but Taiyo Yuden, Fuji Branded… (8 speeds)

The first graph is a dvd+r burned at 8 speed… took 9.45 min.

The second graph is a dvd+r burned at 16 speed… took 5.35 to write + lead out = 6.01 (where you see the PIF’s getting more numerous… it’s writing at 10 speed)

Both were scanned at 8 speed, ECC 1…

I think… everyone can see… that you 'd better write at rated speed if you want nice graphs :wink: but I think both are acceptable…

The only thing I care about is the PIF not being higher than 4 if possible


@devhda. Don’t believe RitekG05 would give very good results @16x VeryBadBoy and thetramp are right, if you wan’t to burn @16x use TY and Verbatim media and even this media almost always gives better results at 12x. Here is a scan I did with MXL RG03 @16x which is 8x rated DVD-R. Not great results!!


I can burn 8X rated Sony and Maxell discs at 16X, but i think I get better quality results at a maximum of 12X burn, so I won’t overspeed more than I feel necessary.


@everyone… is there any reason why I have such high PIE at the start when the burningprocess is going at 4x speed?

I don’t see this with other peoples…




I burn a lot of Ritek G05 - and let me tell you that you are SO much better off letting it burn at 8x - just like the firmware lets it burn-