NEC 3520a DVD DL +-R @ 6x?

The Nec 3520a will support writing DVD DL ± @6x with new firmwares?

Maybe… who knows :wink: Maybe even HD-DVD and Blu-Ray 1x reading and writing (joke).

maybe nec release a new burner with 6 DVD-DL speed named 35xx!and then we can flash it up!

if plextor can speed up the px716 to 6dl, nec will sure produce a new drive with the same specs as the 3520, but with 6DL

If possible they should release 6x DL firmware upgrade, then for their next drive they should make it 8x DL. So they will get sales.

Wait and see… It’s also OK if they skip 6x DL and go straight to 8x DL. =)

8x DL… that would be nice. if only the discs were more mainstream and cheaper :smiley: :wink:

Hehe… like I predicted… they skipped 6x DL =)

Have they gone to 8X for the D/L disc?.