NEC 3520A Duplicator



I have the NEC 3520A for my computer and now I need to make multiple copies of my DVDs. I wanted to stick with NEC (great for stand alone dvd players) brand, and I saw this model (NEC ND 3520A Duplicator). Has anybody seen this unit before, and does it have the same consistant workflow as the single drive NEC 3520A?

NEC ND 3520A Duplicator LINK


What type of DVD’s do you intend to backup?


I am a videographer, and I do school plays, and sometimes I will receive 50 orders for DVDs. So I want to be able to create 1 master and duplicate the rest of them.


a better option might be to buy an empty duplicator and put 3540`s in it.


What would be the advantages of using 3540s?