NEC-3520A-Dual layer writing?



Hello. I have a Nec-3520A and I bought it 3 days I have 3 question:
1.) Does it have DVD+R DL ana alsoDVD-R DL ?
2.) Can I write a dual layer cd with it?
3.) There is anybody who can write a dual layer cd(8.5GB) with it?
4.) it is too important that using and writing 8.5 GB cd(dual layer cd) and the nec 3520a can work for this?
as the conclusion;can the Nec3520a write Dual layer cd succesfully?
pls answer these questons-thx.

  1. The NEC 3520 can write both DVD DL +R & -R (with a firmware update)
  2. No you cannot write dual layer on a CD
  3. See answer #2
  4. I have never heard of a dual layer CD


sorry I want to say that dual layer dvd media, no cd sorry for this.
so did you write any a dual layer dvd media?


Dual layer results are best with Verbatim dual layer media (MKM 001)
it’s generally considered the only option if you’re serious about dual layer burning

Most other brands use Ritek D01 media (which is considerably cheaper), and burn results with this media vary a lot.
Sometimes the write is ok, but other times the disk isn’t even readable in a standalone DVD player.


what is the writing speeds of Nec3520A?Please reply this question who have a nec3520a.The reason why I ask tihs question that the web pages say this different(writin speeds)


DL speeds you mean?

verbatim media @ 4X
the rest @ 2.4X

what do you mean by: “the web pages say this different(writin speeds)” ?