NEC 3520A Dual Layer Bad Scans?

I’m new to this whole burning thing, so go easy on me. And sorry if this topic is covered elsewhere; I searched but could not find.

I have an NEC 3520 flashed with firmware 3.06. Nero info tool says that DMA is on and I have the drive set as master on my secondary IDE channel thing. I’ve been burning some dual layer verbatim dvds with dvd decryper and I have a problem, I think.

I’ve been reading a little about using nero cd/dvd speed to scan discs for PI and PO errors so I’ve done that with a few discs. The attachment is a typical scan. The discs seem to play alright but the scans worry me. There seems to be a massive drop in quality when it hits the second layer.

Please help console me, or tell me how to fix it!

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Not all NEC drives scan a disc well. You don’t mention the speed the discs were burned at, assuming it was 8x, this might be to fast for your media, try burning a disc at 6x and see if this improves matters.

If the discs are DVD-Video and they play back fine on your set-top DVD player, i wouldn’t worry to much about the scans. :wink:

Thanks for the welcome.
The discs are dvd video and were burned at 2.4x, although 4x was an option. I’ve also tried 4x and the same sort of scan was given.