NEC 3520A drive seen as CD-ROM!



I’ve managed to burn 5 dvd’s on my new NEC drive. After a shutdown and a restart, Nero could not burn DVD’s. I’ve checked My Computer window and it shows CD-ROM instead of previous DVD-RW!! I have only one DVD drive in the system, have uninstalled Daemon tools, rebooted, uninstalled my NEC drive, found it as a new hardware…no results!


The issue is happening only when having a blank dvd in the drive. So I start Nero, choose new DVD, make a list, insert a blank DVD, click on Burn and it works…magic :bow:


its funny that you mention that, because my drive is also being listed as a CD-ROM drive in my system Information. I havent noticed any problems because of it though.


Update the firmware to the latest revision. Reset the BIOS to default. Do the same with CMOS. Go back to BIOS and confirm that the NEC is detected.


Start a burning app and check the settings and you’ll see that window$ tells you crap.


as long as ur device manager and burning s/w can detect it properly, i dont care how winexpplorer sees it at all :slight_smile: