NEC 3520a CD-R Burn Quality


I’ve had my 3520a since it was released, and have been pleased with it since. I’ve always kept up to date with L&D’s firmware updates, and have rarely had a problem until now. I rarely used it to burn CD’s, but recently after burning some CD-R Audio CD’s, every single one of them skip in every player I’ve tried them in, even when I burn them at 16x. I’ve tried multiple CD-R brands and it’s the same problem different brand every time. Scans of freshly burnt CD’s show C2 errors throughout the disc. The drive continues to rip/burn DVD’s perfectly and rips CD’s great as well, but the CD-R burn quality is far from good. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or should I just grab an old Plextor Premium for Audio CD burning?

1)Bad quality disc.
2)Nero 7
3)Try to use Burrrn for audio cd’s, and see if that makes any difference.