NEC 3520a - can no longer read cd but dvds work



The dvd drive NEC 3520a - can’t read or play or even ‘find the disk’ with CDs. The drive still reads, plays and burns dvd media.
This message further to an earlier question i posted - when i mistakenly thought that i could still read CD; i’ve just worked out that i was wrong: CDs don’t work but DVDs do!

Tests: I tried to read the drive via the dos window - it reads a DV okay but trying a CD I get only the ‘disk not found’ error pop-up.
I originally has the drive in an OS win2K SP4 but since i have put in in a winXP pro OS machine.
I did uninstall the IDE drivers and reinstall the windows ones.
I have moved the drive to another machine and tried it there too.

I’m still mystified.
Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks.


And it didn’t work in the other machine too?

Then the cd part seems to be dead.


Thanks for replying.
Shall i assume that this is a hardware problem and take it up with manufacturer/seller?
Unless there’s a software soultion?


If it won’t work in 2 different machines then the cd part is normally dead.

If you can, go for RMA/warranty.