NEC 3520A Burning at 1.8x Max



I’ve done the firmware to beta 3, searched all over forums, and used different types of media, but they all max out at 1.8x on DVD burning. I’ve checked DMA and its there. What else can I do, this is pretty a new burner from Newegg, google didnt turn up anything either? Thanks in advance.


Go into Device Manager and remove the IDE channel with the NEC drive. Reboot into BIOS and verify that the NEC drive is detected and set to AUTO detect. Save and exit. Windows will reload the IDE channel. Verify that the drive is running in DMA mode 2.


Ok will try tonight. :slight_smile:


Uninstalled IDE drive, rebooted, set BIOS to auto. Windows reinstalled, but when you go to channel properties, it says that I am set to Ultra DMA Mode 5?


That is good.
Try defragging your hd and burn again.


It’s probably the hard drive. Look in the other IDE channel. The NEC should run at DMA mode 2.


I have two HD’s, a raptor 36GB 10k rpm, and just a regular hitachi IDE drive. I burned with both, even when burning a file from the raptor, it won’t go past 1.8x. I’m using decryptor, Nero, manually set the speed to 2, 2.4, 4, and it never goes past 1.8x. :confused: I’ve also defragged many times using O&O defrag.

This is the Intel 915P board, only one IDE channel and 4 SATA channels. I’m running the NEC through the onboard IDE, and my hitachi through a PCI IDE controller.


No one has anymore ideas? I can make an ISO file using decryptor at about 8X, so ripping a file is at the correct rate, but burning still only goes to 1.8x max. I’ve tried defragging both the SATA and the IDE drive, both stay at 1.8X. :sad:


Im having a similar problem with my 3500. I even went out and bought some different dvd’s and still having problems. My mate is going to try the writer in his machine to see if it works quicker in there. If not then i will never buy another nec again.


Make sure the drive is running in DMA mode 2. Try the latest version of AnyDVD and CloneDVD at What is your CPU load in Device Manager during the burn session?


CPU usage averages 40%-50% during burn. I’ve uninstalled, and installed the IDE port, but it goes to DMA 5, not 2. I don’t have any option to set it to 2?