NEC-3520A Bitsetting Questions



Great forum!
This is what brought me here:
I just bought a new dodge caravan with DVD player, I backed up a couple of movies and tried to play them, and the player spits back a copyright error.
I burnt both +/- dvd’s using one click dvd on a 3520a burner.
All give the same copyright warning, they all play in my home players of course.
So it seems bit setting might be the answer.
I have a few questions about bitsetting before I flash my dvd burner with the modified software on this site.
Will bitsetting solve my compatibility issues on the player?
Does bitsetting only work with dvd+r?
Will this mess up burning with dvd-r (which I use for home players)?
Any suggestions are much appreciated.
Also are there any dvd media with a gold recording surface? I was thinking that the purplish colour may be an issue for reading in the mobile player?


Booktype will only affect DVD+R. It does not affect DVD-R media. No guarantee to resolve your problem. Use 4x burn speed with DVD-ROM booktype.