NEC 3520A available on Newegg

I just posted the article NEC 3520A available on Newegg..

  jdub used our news submit to tell us that NewEgg 

has started selling the Nec 3520A which is the successor to the Nec
3500A. The Drive specs have hardly changed apart from the RW…

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It isn´t mentioned wheter the drives still uses Z-CLV or is P-CAV now. P-CAV would be a nice thing !! :stuck_out_tongue:
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The Nec 3520A has been on sale since before christmas at the swedish reseller Dustin. They claim to have it in stock. Its dirt cheap as well. It sells at Euro 60.6.

:g You will also find the drive by going here £49.98 / €uro70.61

There is a firmware upgrade to enable -R9 writing when NEC release it. I have had mine 4 weeks and i am more than happy with it.

Uhhh, its been for sale on newegg since I think 29th, I ordered mine on the 29th and got it on the 31st (newyears eve), cross country… Newegg rocks!

Would be nice if NEC made the tray look a bit better, maybe by adding the NEC logo on there and darkening the other logos. The specs are very good though.

I got mine before christmas and am quite happy with it. The chipset of the drive does support -R DL and will be compatable with a firmware update when the disc finaly start to appear.

In Germany the 3520A is available, too (for ~75,- EUR).

Ahhh… it feels nice to see a submit posted. :g wonder if there will be similar firmware shenanigans to the effect of the 3500 and 3520 being identical.

Just got a 3520. Anyone seen an available user manual for this? USA FCC site has one but the file is damaged so it cannot be displayed.

This one works if you have the latest version of acrobat reader:
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The “-” in “DVD-R/RW” does NOT stand for “minus”, it’s a dash, nothing else and I’d rather have a boring tray like now than shell out some extra cash to have a fancier look but then I rarely cuddle with my hardware after all :stuck_out_tongue:

:BThanks for the 3520 Manual locator!Brilliant!

Im afraid not the 3500 and 3520A use a different chipset so im afraid there will be no flashing of the 3500 to 3520A sorry people, you will have to get a new drive :d