NEC 3520A and slow encoding times

Hey all, I’m kinda new to Dvd burning so bear with me please. I bought an NEC 3520A OEM and everything works fine but the whole process of burning a standard 2 hr movie takes about 2 hours. The encoding alone takes about an hour and a half. I had 256 mb of DDR SDRAM and just bumped it up to 1 GB hoping for improvement but I’m not seeing any. By the way, im using dvd shrink. Any help would be appreciated.

Please post more of your system specs… size cpu, etc…

I have a Dell Dimension 3000. 2.39 GHz Celeron processor. I also have 1 GB of DDR SDRAM however it is at 333 mHZ and not 400 because the celeron processor does not let you change the bus speed. Thanks.

it is still a bit strange. celeron isn’t fast processor but i think it should be faster. on my pc (amd barton 3000+, 1gb ddr 400, 2*wd caviar 80gb 8 cache sata raid 0) it is done from 20 to 45 minutes (depending on length of a movie)…

Does that time include the ripping from DVD?
If it does then this is not quite so bad as the NEC will only rip at a max of 4x (I think) without modded firmware.
Also are doing the deep analysis as this will considerably lengthen then time taken.

There are a few things that will help lower the time it takes.

  1. Make sure that your DVD Write is on a seperate ide cable than your hd.
  2. Try booting into safe mode and performing the operation and see if you notice any speed difference. But first, make sure that you defrag your hard drive. Defragging can make a huge difference in burn/encoding performance. I defrag mine at least twice a week if I’m doing much encoding, or I at least defrag right before I start working with video files. It does make a big difference.
    Best scenario is to have two hd’s. One for operating system and programs, and one for dvd/audio files only, and have your main dvd burner on the same ide cable as the operating system hd. Better yet is to use sata hd.