NEC-3520A and Promise Ultra 133 TX2

Hi. Now I just installed my new NEC-3520A drive. Because I have a lot of things in my PC, I connected it to my Promise Ultra 133 TX2 IDE controller PCI card alone on first IDE connector as master. I use WinXP pro SP2 and all the latest drivers to my Asus P4PE MB. Now I have a problem: connected as described above the maximum write speed i x2 !!! When I switch and connect my NEC drive to the regular secondary IDE port, and still as master, the NEC drive writes full speed. In both cases reading is no problem (Rip lock patched firmware - 3520beta2.bin F/W), reading with maximum x14.

Can someone help me out with this problem, I’d love to have the NEC-drive connected to my Promise card.

Thanks in advance


I have a friend who has had the same problem except it was with a cd burner.His only soultion was to put it on the secondary IDE master or slave.Don’t know why those controller cards do that but that’s what worked.I believe your 3520 is a shade more important than some of your other drives(cause it’s new) so I’d slap it in the Secondary any way I could and not think twice about it.


You may wish to browse the IDE Controllers thread . All Promise cards will lock optical drives in PIO mode, in spite of showing them as UDMA. Your best option by far is to put all HD’s on the Promise card, and keep the MB IDE for optical drives.

You might want to try a controller BIOS UPDATE.
But regardless, these controllers are crappy and you should avoid them if you don’t really need them. The are slow when you connect hard drives on them & buggy when you connect ATAPI devices, plus the delay they add in systems boot. The only thing it worths using them for, is for slow hard drives

nothing wrong with add in storage controllers and they are certainly not slower than integrated controllers

they just usually do not support optical drives

I have the same IDE controller card,i connect my hard drives to it (both channels),and i connect my liteon burner and my NEC3500 burner to the mobo’s IDE channels (each is connected alone).
Works great.

Most extra (low-cost) IDE controllers just deny to work with optical drives.

largely any chipset supporting raid will not work with optical drives