Nec 3520a and dvddecryptor

I got this a while ago to replace my old 4x tosh, when i try to burn in img file with dvddecryptor it spits it out before it even starts giving me an error, also i cant use dvdshrink or nero to burn vob files either. Infact the only thing i have found that i can use is nero burning rom and iso’s.

I have xp home service pack2

has anyone else had this and how did you fix it, would the firmware on here help do you think?

thanks for any help

me :)…

Some posters here might be geniuses, and some might be willing to help, but no one is mind reader :frowning:

AFAIK, DVDD can only burn ISO and MDS files. DVDshrink doesn’t burn at all.

Make sure you have the latest versions of the burning programs. DVDD & Nero. SP2 was a major problem when it first came out, and a lot of software wouldn’t work properly.

Well thanks very much for the very positive response to my question, All i did was ask if anyone knows why the nec would not burn vob files using dvdshrink (which uses the nero burning engine) or nero and will not also burn img files using dvd decryptor when using my old toshiba everything went fine, so i would assume its not sp2 thats the problem or moreover it could be the problem with the nec and sp2.

You obviously are annoyed by something i have done or posted which was not my intention and for which i apologise but i am at a loss as to how to expand on my question?

If this has not happened to anyone else then i will try the usual before booting the drive into touch (media firmware update the software), so if you feel like trying to help then thanks if not no worrys :slight_smile:

Dvd decryptor burns img files :slight_smile: i have been doing it for a while lol, but not it seems with this nec burner, I know sp2 had some problems to start with but to be honest after updating all the proggys quite a long time after the release of the final version of sp2 i would think they have incorparated fix’s for most glitches and being a new burner it should really be compatable with sp2 as well.

Well time to try stuff out i reckon, thanks for the input i’ll keep you posted as to how i get on…