NEC 3520A all burns are inaccessible

I’ve had the NEC for several months now with no problems. The media I’m using is PRODISC R03 with which I’ve had no problems in the past.

What I am trying to burn is just a regular set of files, some are zipped, some are not. On the surface the burning process goes fine but when I try to access the files windows gives a “read error trying to access file (name of file)”. I’ve tried burning it several times, I’ve even used a whole new pack of PRODISC R03 just in case the other ones are corrupted but the results are the same. I also tried updating the firmware. I’ve tried reading an older disc that I had burned and it worked fine.

I guess this some sort of hardware and not media error. Besides the option that the NEC might be dead? Which other hardware settings can I check?

Thanks Ahead

Can you try media with a different mediacode? Might be a bad batch.

The thing is that I am using discs from the same pack that I used earlier (all of which burned perfectly).

I am trying to think if this has something to do with starforce copy protections since I heard that it can really mess up some hardware.

Do the discs read OK in other Computers/devices?

When you try different media, does it work Ok?
Specifically, can you try a re-writable DVD to see if it burns ok?

It’s not unusual for cheap media have 1/2 a spindle fine … and then the other 1/2 belly up. Maybe someone opened the crate on the docks … and let the sunshine in … who knows?