NEC 3520a wont burn over 32x

My nec is giving me problems with data disks i make (mp3 cds) When i verify burned data in nero I get alot of read errors. If i check determine maximum speed the next time i use it it will have 48x as an option to burn but when i begin the burn it automatically downgrades it to 32x and burns but I have to lower it below 32 or else i get read errors, I burned a few audio cds at 32 and didn get read errors. The drive is on my secondary IDE channel alone as device 1 in Ultra DMA mode 2.

Welcome to the forum. You seem to have solved your own problem. Just because a particular drive and media are supposed to burn at 32X or 48X doesn’t mean they will without errors. I routinely burn all my CDs at 20X and even the best media get better.