NEC 3520A 1.24 IO-data firmware

Well I just got my NEC ND-3520A from today (…err… yesterday/newyears eve) and just download the 1.24 ORIGINAL firmware from … what does it mean by I-O data ? what changes are in it? I already flashed successfully with windows GUI flasher.

I am kind of afraid to touch any of the modified firmware because of noise and other concerns that I am worried about.

ok nevermind, from what I see “I-O data” is some rebranded version of NEC (oem), correct? Im glad me flashing my NEC with that didnt hurt anything

Anyway, I took the plunge and just went with modified firmware, got liggy’s and dee’s 3520 beta firmware… My fears was that rip lock removed was going to make the drive really loud during playback and normal use as I have seen rumored, but I see absolutely no difference. Also I feared it was going to interfere with underrun protection, from the increase in speed with my Ritek/ridata 8x media.