Nec 3520

today I received my NEC 3520.It came with firmware 1.04.
I upgraded the firmware to latest official release,3.04.
I also configured it as master.not as cable select as the old nec 1100a got.

I usually use DVDDecrypter to burn ISO files,but I noticed one thing when burning with the 3520 that I never saw with 1100a,the device buffer suddenly
jumps from 96-98% down to 3-4% for a second or so,and you can also
hear the drive slows down at the same time.
I was writing 4x TY discs at 4x speed.Is this normal for this burner?

I also scanned with Nero CD-DVD Speed at 5x speed to check the disc quality.But after spending some hours here searching,Im not sure whats
a good scan or not.Anyway heres the scan results: (hope its readable even if some lines is norwegian).

Hi and welcome.
this is from “The Big NEC faq”, ibelieve it answers your question.

Q: When I burn a disc in Nero, the buffer dances wildly, is this a problem?
A: NO, not normally, this happens with most new 16X DVD writers, on the NEC drive this is normally caused by the drives AOPC system recalibrating the optics and laser power as the burn progresses. This system is also used to grade media and determine if the burn should continue at a faster speed or slowed down to preserve burn quality.

Hope it helps.

Those scan results look very good, PIFs are low (under 16 at 8ECC). Capture the graphs too for a better result. Its normal for the buffer to go down for a short time on the NEC drives.


Sounds good that scans looks ok.

Heres another one,I noticed that the PI Errors increases at the end of the disc,but after some reading ,I found out it is still within the acceptable limits.( ? )

Yes those PIEs look excellent as well, only worry if they get up around 200 or so.