NEC 3520 Writing at 12 times P-CAV



Is it possible for the 3520 to write at using 12 speed P-CAV, it appears to use P-CLV, 6 x linear, 8 x linear, 10 x linear then 12 x linear.

I hear that it may be possible to use a 12 speed P-CAV writing mode on 16 speed media but I don’t have any to test.

Is this a myth or fact?

If it can write 12 Speed P-CAV my next question is

Can this writing stategy be applied to some 8 speed media using hacked firmware?


At the moment there are 3 write methods used for burning DVD ±R
6X - 12X Z-CLV

on RW media it still uses Z-CLV but for some 6X 8X media the burn starts at 6X rather than 4X
P-CAV is certainly not available at the moment.


Don’t forget 13x CAV. =)


When is 13x Cav used?
What speed does the burn start at?


When burning 16x capable media at 12x, you get this: (13x CAV)


This is actually one of the reasons why Benq is still better than NEC

  1. Z-CLV but not P-CAV. Also Z-CLV 6x but not CLV 6x all the way
  2. Lack of PIE/PIF scanning (rumors are that NEC will get it as well…hopefully)
  3. No bi-color led

As for 13X CAV, it appears to be slower than 12X Z-CLV.