Nec 3520 With dvd-399 duplicator

I am having problems getting my nec burners to work properly with the dvd barebone duplicator i purchased i was told by a tech support rep that i need a special firmware upgrade for the nec 3520 is this true and if so does anyone have an idea of where i can get it.

P.S I have used all of the standard and modified firmwares available
Any help would be appreciated

What exactly is the problem?

I’ve never heard of a ‘special firmware’ for use with a duplicator
Surely if the tech-support tells you this, they can also tell you where to find it?

The copy session begins it initializes the drives then about 20 secs in everything stops
The disk do not have anything burned to them and Ive tried every available firmware for the drives.

Maybe you’re copying too fast. What’s the reader? I found that using a NEC as a reader is a bad idea, because it’s slow.