NEC 3520 vs BenQ1620 with -R media

Hi all.
I was just curious which one to choose if I wanted it to use for both writing -R media, as well as scanning purposes.

I heard about the Benq not being a good writer on -R media, but is it really that mediocre?

And what about the PI/PIF errorscans? What drive produces more accurate results with scanning?

The consensus seems to be that BenQ is a lot better with +R than with -R media, but it isn’t bad with -R media.

My NEC 3500 however was a lot better with Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-R 8x (MCC 02RG20) than my dad’s BenQ DW1620. This media is my absolute favourite for the 3500 but I don’t know if the 3520 is as good as the 3500 with this media?!

Why don’t you take a peek in the BenQ/Philips forum and form your own opinion from the Media scans posted there? Most scans are +R media however.

Is there any reason you prefer -R media? The BenQ has automatic bitsetting of DVD+R media to DVD-ROM Booktype, so it should be at least as compatible as DVD-R media with DVD players, and the BenQ prefers most +R media over -R media.

No drive will show you any “absolute truth” when scanning media, it will just show you how well it can currently read the disc. My opinion however is that I want to see at least two drives reading a disc perfectly before I’m sure I have a good burn, and I will prefer a good Read Transfer test over a good PIE/PIF test any day of the week!!! (But I want both).

The BenQ will show Jitter values, which the NEC 3520 drives can’t show (at least not with current firmware), but with the NEC 3520 you have the choice of scanning PIF at either 1 ECC (correct according to ECMA standards) or at 8 ECC like the BenQ. The BenQ will only scan at 8 ECC.

The 3520 will read burned media at only 8x with official firmware whereas the 3520 will read +R/-R media at 16x. With an unoffical patch however, the BenQ will read all DVD media at 16x, even DVD+/-RW media.

The BenQ has some interesting utilities (QSuite) that allows you to scan discs for Tracking Erros and Focus Errors (TE-FE Test) before you burn them, and also to change Booktype of DVD+RW media AFTER it has been written.

The BenQ has MediaCodeSpeedEdit for modifying firmware, whereas the NEC 3520 has Liggy, Dee and Quikee. :slight_smile:

Since this question was posted in the NEC forum, I expect to hear a lot of NEC praising from you guys… :bigsmile:

The 3520 is pretty good with MCC02RG20 and very good with MCC03RG20.
I have two Benq drives, the NEC beats both of them for -R

Except with TYG02 :wink:

Even on this one I have to agree with Dee-27… :smiley:

When BenQ fails, NEC 3500 can still burn them. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, Quikee(2) what happen with your “2”…?

Still you can’t make such a burn as the one attached with Nec 35x0.

Vanished =) My old account was deleted and Quikee2 replaced with Quikee. I have also web space on CDFreaks now…… but I have to make a new page first… then it’s time to move. =)

Nice burn indeed… :iagree:
But when you buy a BenQ 1620 you also have to buy a new PSU, ie. add another $50 to the budget.

Congratulation to your new web. :slight_smile:
I hope your own site will still be up for more “fancy” firmwares and apps… :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a cheap 350W PSU and don’t have problems. Maybe Philips isn’t PSU sensitive =P

IMHO, u won’t really need to and u shouldn’t have to scan the dvds u have burned. Of course, for quality reason u should scan the 1st few burns to make sure the new drive works. As DrageMester said, there’s no absolute truth in scanning. Anyway, i choose NEC over Benq as NEC has better QC. As far as i know, the spec of +R is better than -R. So i don’t burn -R anymore except where i really need that extra 5MBs :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanx for all the replies guys. But most compare the benq 1620 with the nec 3500. Since the nec 3500 is hardly available in the shops anymore, I was hoping for more comparisons between the 3520 and the 1620Pro.

Reason that I prefer -R over +R is that it holds just that bit more data. Sometimes when I download an image which is made from a -R, it won’t fit on a +R. That is really bothering me. So my question is actually which burner is the best choice for -R media? The scanning part of my question (1st post) is less important than the burning part.

@Dee-27: what Benq drives do you own? OEM or retail? And is there any difference between the 1620A and 1620Pro? :confused:

This one beats it on my LG 4163B

and this one is better on a 3500

Be careful what you wish for.

Man, those are some of the best quality scans that I have ever seen :iagree:
I don’t think anyone who owns a 3520A could get near to those quality with any media, even with Taiyo Yuden. Am I right?