NEC 3520 scans (newbie)

I got my 3520 today, and have flashed it with the LD3520 Beta 3 firmware.

However, when I do a Nero CD-DVD Speed scan with any of the disks created with my old 2500@2510 - i get this:

They are single layer DVD video disks, created with Nero Recode on MMC003 DVD+R disks.

Is this the reader or the writer?


Set the read speed to 12X. The 3520 has problems reading at higher speeds. At first I thought I had bad burns, but then it did the same thing on comercially pressed DVD. The drive seems to crap out once it hits the 13-15X mark.

ya should have bought a 3500… :wink:

What processor you have? Is this external case?
it seems that already at 4X you are at 88% CPU, it looks too much! this means that you are solid 100% at 8X. Check with Task Manager to verify.
Also, are all the hard drives and opticals on DMA?
Try test again on very quiet system, do not run any other programs.

nec 3520 read back capability has been problematic. it is not surprising that u got such difficult graph.

btw, i think the media is MCC003, not MMC003 right?

Sorry, yes it’s MCC003 (although it is cheap Datawrite printable disks).

My system:
Shuttle SB75G2
Intel P4 2.8Ghz @ 3.0Ghz
1GB (2x512MB) Corsair DDR3200
120GB Seagate SATA HDD
Geforce FX5700
Soundblaster Audigy 2ZS
and the NEC 3520 (internal)
The DVD drive is on its own channel (DMA on).

Presumably, bad reading performance can be fixed with future firmware upgrades?

OK, here are a few more scans:
A new pressed DVD-ROM:

Another MCC003 DVD+R burn’t at 8x with my 2510:


Hi all, first post here :iagree:
Just got a 3520 myself and ran a disc through Nero CD-DVD Speed.
Like above, the read speed goes up gradually until it hits about 14 and then drops. It managed to finish the read so I thought maybe there was a scratch (even though my Pioneer 108 read it fine) so I tried it again with a different disc. This time it failed completely :frowning:

Discs are Fujifilm and have never had any problems with them.One of the reasons I got this drive above the Pioneer 109 was its 16x read speed so is this a recognised problem that will be fixed with a firmware upgrade? Still on 1.04 by the way.
Tried to burn an image file from the HD with DVD Decrypter. It only burned at 4x and even then the buffer was all over the place… What’s that all about then? :eek:



if you go to the LD3520 Beta 3 thread you wll see that the 3520 is a very sensitive reader.Some people are now dropping the read speed to 15x in Cd-Dvd Speed.This doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your discs.

Thanks for that.
Not got any experience of CD-DVD speed - just having a look now. I take it you set it (in the options button) and it’s for that session only- unless you have it starting with windows.
I’m amazed though that it happens on a supposed 16x reader…
Why doesn’t it just maintain the 14x instead of dropping right dow?
If the drop off tends to come at 14x, how come people tend to limit it to 15x? (I had to add the 15x option)
Strange. Unless I’m doing the Drivespeed wrong… just done it again and got this…

Went above 15.
I’ll try and limit to 12…
Nope, got this…

Must be doing Drivespeed wrong…
This is what that looks like…

I take it these are exactly the sort of things NEC will fix with firmware updates?


Try this:
File/Options/Standard Tests/Under “read speed” select “Selected” then put what ever speed you want.

I wouldn’t use Drivespeed.
They should fix these things in future releases.
I updated this post.

Thanks for that - that’s worked. But what exactly has it done?
Stopped the drive reading at above the inputted speeds? Just in Nero? Just in the test? Any app? eg DVDDecrypter.


Nec is famous for its fast reading back speed at 16x, but quite picky on media.
many drives are not fast, mainly maxed out at 12x. if u use, say a Liteon or Benq dvdwriter, to perform the transfer test, u will find most of the readback is fine coz they will read slower. i have many disc failed 16x transfer tests, but using pioneer 107d readback at 12x max, they all pass the test.

as long as ur disc plays fine, u r safe.

I’m not sure really.I’ve never changed speeds before.Try a disc in Decrypter and see.

I agree.Never fret over those transfer tests unless they completely stop with an error or something.

I’ve used DVDInfo and Nero DVD Speed for read test. System is NEC 3500A (2.18 fw). No read issue all the way to 16X with Made in Japan Maxell 8X (02) and Fuji 8X (Yuden000 T02) discs. All graphs are smooth at 4X, 8X, 12X, and 16X. Some were burned with Recode, others with CloneDVD2.

Note that I will encounter read issues, which could result in error with older rental DL DVDs.

If you burn a QUALITY DVD-5 disc to full capacity on the NEC and have adequate hard drive transfer speed/CPU load during the burn session, then you should be able to achieve a good transfer graph all the way to 16X with the same drive. USe 4X write to compensate for the slow HD transfer/CPU speed of older system.

For DL pressed DVDs, the drive can only read up to 7.3X. Therefore, a speed drop-off is usually related to dirty and/or scratched media. Your scan of the DL DVD media looks fine.

Burn and read using the same drive.

The CPU usage at 4X should be under 40%.