NEC 3520 Read Speed



Hi All,

My new NEC 3520 seems to be running very fast in read mode, when ripping a DVD with DVD Decrypter or Nero, it reads at an avg. of 10.5x / max. 15.1x, is this normal? Is there a way to slow this down a bit? I normally don’t use it as a reader but when I’m verifying my burns it runs very fast and is a bit loud. I just switched from an NEC 1100A and it didn’t run so fast. Any info on this would be much appreciated.



You can use Nero DriveSpeed 2 slow down your drive…


The read speeds are normal if you’re using riplock-removed fw, as the drive reads SL media at 16X max. You can use either Nero Drivespeed or AnyDVD to reduce the read speed. For DVD Decrypter, there is an option in Tools–>Settings–>Device tab to set the read speed. I set mine to 12X just so the thing doesn’t go full afterburner on me, though I’m more concerned with spindle motor longevity than the noise. For DL media it’s not necessary to set a limit–the drive seems to have internal max speed of 8X.


Thanks for the tip guys, tried Nero Drive Speed and changed the settings in DVD Decrypter and I was able to slow the drive down for extracting DVD’s but for some reason after I burn the disc the drive reverts back to the faster speeds during the data verification phase. This drive has the original firmware from the manufacturer.