NEC 3520 Questions

Okay I’ve gone through some of the posts here and have some questions. I just got this NEC 3520 and don’t know which firmware to use either beta, modified, or final, which one do you recommend? I am currently usually using Ritek R03 +R until my 100-PK spindle runs out. When it does run out, which media is good on the NEC 3520? Also what is all this talk about comparing the drives when they are black or beige, does that make a difference in how they write? Any posts would be appriciated.


  1. If you choose the beta/modified firmware, you can probably kiss your warranty good-bye. However, they do give you more options (possible faster burn speeds, riplock remove, region free, bitsetting, etc.). The risk with this is that something may go wrong and your drive will no longer function. High risk, high return. With the OEM (stock) firmware, you can only go so much. However, your warranty remains intact. Pick your poison. :slight_smile:

  2. Regarding which media is good, I suppose that depends if $$$ is an issue. If not, TY’s are supposedly the ones to get. Answers may vary on this question. YMMV.

  3. Black vs. Beige. Uhh, I thought the beige ones write better. :slight_smile: Hehehe. Just pick a color.

Well I ordered a black one, doh! bad mistake. Well I know about the risks about flashing, as I have done it before with my other drives. Hey but if flashing to another firmware means better burns, then what the heck, screw the warranty and just tell me the best firmware out for it right now.


Reading this NEC3520A firmware comparison article may help you to decide,

According to the
modified vs stock firmware article:

  • BenQ/Philips - “Unique black CD tray enhance readability and writing quality”
  • Plextor – “A black tray, to reduce the jitter and to increase the quality of the burned CD”

I’m using the Liggy and Dee Beta 2 firmware, I haven’t flashed to beta 3 yet.

Not to be taken too seriously, but maybe we should be running a thread on which Dark Matt colours people should be using to paint their drive trays?

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